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Find Your Passion, Change the World

In her new book, TransForMission, public radio host Donna Apidone helps people discover their inspiration to attain their dreams

Everyone goes through transitions in life related to career, marriage, divorce, the passing of a loved one, parenthood, an empty nest or retirement. Donna Apidone’s new book TransForMission is a guide for anyone looking to discover what’s next.

A popular public radio host and respected interviewer, Donna has built a reputation for being truthful, reliable and funny. She helps people make sense of the day’s news and culture through in-depth interviews, music and commentary that touches our common experiences. Yet many listeners among her devoted Northern California audience might not know Donna has another mission, one that dovetails with her work as a journalist. As a certified life coach, Donna has led workshops and coached individuals for 10 years in what she calls the TransForMission Path™. She describes this five-step process as “a combination of inspiration, mission and passion.”

In TransForMission (Balboa Press), Donna shares stories of 11 people who found inspiration to change their lives, help others and make the world a better place. They include a mother who survived the death of her son to find new purpose, a veteran blinded in combat who continues to serve, and doctors, entrepreneurs and executives who discovered their dreams to help others. Donna reveals how they each walked away from their limitations and found inspiration to discover their own unique mission in life.

TransForMission is more than a collection of inspirational stories. Donna outlines her five-step process to help people find their passion and purpose, and change the world:

1. Where Are You? Walking the Path of Clarity
2. What Are You Willing to Release? Walking the Path of Freedom
3. What Are You Willing to Accept? Walking the Path of Abundance
4. Open the Space, Listen and Say Yes – Walking the Path of Surrender
5. Taking Authentic Action – Walking the Path to Choice

Donna developed the TransForMission process as part of her quest to merge all the pieces of her life. In addition to being a radio host and certified life coach, she is an ordained interfaith minister who performs ceremonies from weddings and memorials to blessings of babies, homes and pets.

TransForMission is based on persuasion theory, the idea that people already innately know what they need to do.

“Most people already know what to do. What they want from me is a little nudge in the right direction,” Donna says. “I use the same tools as in journalism – listen and collect facts. I provide feedback by repeating, in essence, what they have told me. I hold up the mirror in which people see themselves.”

Donna’s path to her own TransForMission began when she was a shy and self-conscious teenager. As she walked out the door each day, dreading going to school, her father would tell her: “You can do anything you set your mind to do.”

“You have to keep in mind that by the time he was 25 my dad had received a Distinguished Flying Cross, and had overcome tuberculosis,” she recounts in this radio interview. “So growing up in my house you couldn’t say, ‘I don't feel good today, I don't want to go to school.’ It wasn’t really a possibility. There was always the message that you can get past whatever is in front of you and do better and do something really cool in the world.”

Donna’s dad died when she was 21. But years later, when she started coaching groups in TransForMission, his message “came back to my mind in capital letters, with exclamation points and flashing lights.”

“Looking back, I think those few words may have been his greatest gift to me,” she says. “And they are my gift to you: You can do anything you set your mind to do.”

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