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TransForMission: Finding Your Joy

After years interviewing people in the news and coaching groups and individuals, public radio host and certified life coach Donna Apidone developed the TransForMission Path™. The five-step process guides people, including those going through life’s upheavals, to pursue their dreams. She explains why serving others is the key to fulfillment.

Ch-Ch-Changes? Find Your Path

College graduates looking for jobs, people going through divorce or bereavement, expats and those approaching retirement all face big changes – and the chance to grow. Donna shares stories of everyday heroes from her book TransForMission, and the lessons they hold for us.

News Blues? Getting to the Heart of Your Calling

From her work as a host of NPR’s Morning Edition and her career as a certified life coach, Donna explains how “listening with compassion” to the daily news can spur people to action.

When Change Happens, Transform!

Marriage and divorce, birth and death, education and employment, all involve change. Donna explains the difference between change and transformation, how change often leads to transformation and what it means to transform.

The Power of Words

A longtime journalist and certified life coach, Donna explains how our words and language shape what we are able to achieve and accomplish in life.

You Already Know Which Way to Go

Donna’s TransForMission Path™ is based on persuasion theory – the idea that people innately know what they need to do, and just need help to discover it. Donna tells how talking things out with a trusted friend, mentor or coach can help reveal a person’s true calling in life.

Healing Through Purpose

An ordained interfaith minister, Donna shares how compassion and a new mission can help people coping with a serious illness, losing a loved one or other heartbreaking events.

DNA and Genealogy: Roots in Your Path?

Donna recently researched her own DNA and genealogy to find some surprises. She explains what influence if any our nature has over our path in life.

Rescuing Animals (and Yourself)

Donna volunteers for a national animal rescue organization by screening and selecting prospective board members, and rescued a dog that was going to be put down for biting. She discusses what our pets can tell us about ourselves and our purpose in life.

Ministering to All

Donna grew up in a multicultural family in an interfaith neighborhood and learned to treasure the diversity of faiths in her life. As an ordained interfaith minister, she performs ceremonies from blessing babies and homes to weddings and memorials. She discusses ways to increase acceptance and build connections between people of different faiths and backgrounds.
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